The windows

Studio 107 is an artist studio/showroom where 10 different

creators share location to develop their passion.

Would you like to display your products at Studio 107 windows?


Studio 107 serves as office and showroom for ten creators within different areas. The mixtrue of illustrators, painters, architects, product and furniture designers together with graphic designers, photographers and one milliner -manufacture of hats provids a creative and vivid atmosphere.


Studio 107 is located in the east parts of Södermalm -one of Stockholm's most creative design district, among lots of popular restaurants, vintages stores, where lots´s of musicians and artists live and work.


If you are interested to showcase your products in our windows, please contact us at for more information.


Some of the amazing work form Hannah Hernegran. Book yourself and your friends on a hat making workshop and shurely you will get inspired create more!

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